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Terms and Conditions

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By registering with Rabi, you agree to the following rules:
Rabi's site is subject to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and any information entered by users that are found to be in violation of these laws will be deleted without prior notice.
If this Agreement is amended at any time, a revised version will be posted on the Site.
You need to register to use the Robi features and when registering, you choose a username and password that you can use when you complete the registration.
Password protection is the sole responsibility of the user, and Rabi's site is not responsible for any misuse of the username and password.
It is forbidden to use words or images contrary to religious or moral authority.
Offensive, libelous, abusive, off-the-shelf or offensive or sacred texts are not permitted on any website.
It is not permissible to express jokes that offend fellow citizens or particular strata of ethics.
Offering or encouraging any illegal activity is not permitted.
Links to illegal, immoral and vulgar sites as well as sites that violate various forms of community relations, cultural, ethical, customary and legal practices are not permitted.
It is not permissible to impersonate natural or legal persons, including corporations, institutions and organizations, and to impersonate false statements or statements.
The products available at Rabi's site are quality products of Rabi's company and you can buy your products electronically.

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