The word tap water history

The word tap water history

It is said that the " water valve " because of valve is said that in the past, some water springs on the water pipe have been a small statue of lion Head.

The emergence of the word combination "milk" and the valve, which is now widely used in Persian language, such as some other words and expressions ... In oral history, its history is not well known, however, some believe that the "milk" This cause of milk is said to have been a small statue of milk in the past over the water pipe of some springs. Later, instead of "tap water" in the daily conversations, the word "lion" was used alone.

Of course, the use of milk as a water outlet was most commonly used in European countries, and most people in Iran used water cisterns to open springs.

In this context, a story is not well known and yet it is quoted as such;

There were only three qanats in Tehran, which belonged to the three Tehrani rulers. One of these Qanats, known for its origin, belonged to a master who was not a child. This person vowed, if he had a son, to provide piping to Tehranians. After a while, he had a son and hired engineers from Austria to water the water to pay tribute.

In some countries, the statue of the head of the animal is holy, in Austria it was installed over the water outlet, cooling off the lion, then placed the milk over the water spring that had been provided to the people, and people whenever to remove water They went there saying, "We went out of the water!"

After the man realized that filling a bowl of water and water from the waterfalls is easier than springs, he thought of making a cascade of springs and, by changing the water's route, took it to a point where he could drop from the altitude, then pierced it to prevent the erosion of the rock. And in the place of water pouring, then the people with the taste of this stone was shaved in the form of a sculpture that the water dropped from its mouth. This idea was used in many places, so much so that people, due to their shape, put the name of the lion on the watershed. The milk did not first cut off, and water was spilled continuously, but later evolved, and in various shapes and uses, and various applications and features were tailored to the needs, and the name of the milk was preserved for all its types.

He wrote: The similarity of the two quotes, despite their differences, is that in the old days people brought water really out of "milk."


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