What is the gender of the valve?

What is the gender of the valve?

Generally, the valves are made of rice or lead alloy, and the rice is better than the dry one

Generally, the gates are made of two types of rice or dried lead alloys, and they are the only veneers that make them look different. Between the two genera, rice acts better than dry lead, because dry lead has been eaten for some time The water goes away and it's harmful to the person who has the oral food drink. Another disadvantage is that it ruptures much faster than brass and is broken down.

After the metal used in the valves, plating is of great importance, which can have a significant effect on the resistance of the valve, and the better the plating quality, the lateral valves become worn out. For example, if 25% micronized lacquer and the coating is real, it will have a very long life-span.

Types of coatings that are used for valves include: rice, bronze, copper and steel, among which if steel, the main stainless steel, is better than other sexes, because it is also better against decay, and because of its lesser appearance It shows the water spots and it is also very well suited for women who are sensitive to these small spots. Other items, such as bronze or copper, are only bronze and copper plating and they are mostly diversified, and may be due to a yellow or red color that has nostalgic sensation to buyers.

The most important buying factor

Design Despite the beautiful models that exist in Shiraz Shops' shops, the sellers seem to be the only buyer's choice to choose the fines for their beautiful and diverse designs because almost all the valves, both Iranian and foreign, Quality and quality, and in fact there is not so much difference in price.
Designing nature-inspired attractive models are models that are very similar to birds like penguins or other diverse models that relate to world-famous historic monuments. There's even a very beautiful and best selling model that comes with a simple Chinese fan. All this goes back to the creativity of the designers and it seems that today the most important criterion is the buyers. Though there are custom and custom models that are made for specific customers. For example, a custom single towel alone is sold at around 5 million tomans because it is decorated with expensive jewelry and ordered by one of the most famous brands in the world such as Jesse or Daniel.

From the past to the present day, the major change to the valve from the past to today is that today's valves have the potential to reduce water consumption and make water more comfortable. In the past, the lions were mostly in the form of a hub or anteroom, and the control of their output was a bit difficult, but nowadays no milk or duct can be made except in decorative models that are still being marketed for their nostalgia, and replaced by lever valves. Lever valves, in addition to reducing water consumption, are easier to open and close than older models, and if damaged, opening and repairing them by the individual is easier than hub models.

In the case of showers, it is also possible to say that today's showers have equipment that you can set by them to set the water outflow in several degrees, and the height of the canopy can be adjusted at any altitude, while in the previous models you could eventually have them in two levels Set the low and high.

Buy Iranian or foreign?

With regard to gates, it is uncertain which foreigners are better than the other, because all companies, whether European or American, order their products to China, and China under the license of these major companies to produce crops. In addition to these products, China itself has products that are somewhat of a lower quality than similar products, but it still can not be said that there is a significant difference between the licensed samples.
In addition, some Iranian companies even import parts from China, and they are licensed by a European company and offer five years of after-sales service. But without saying that there are also old and famous companies in Iran like "Shaybe" which these days behave like other companies, and another company called "Ghahreman", which was previously a student of Shayba, is now one of the best producers of Iranian valves is considered.

One of the newest models that are popular today in the market for gates and attracts many buyers is the massaging showers that work quite like a jacuzzi. These showers have a plate parallel to the main shower tube, on which there are several small movable showers that massage the water with the pressure of water and the water level can be controlled.

Lastly, it's a wonder that the taps or showers are all sold individually, and the high price of some of them is due to their strange models, so be careful about buying a perfect sex.


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